Mul-t-lock #13 C-Series padlock - 1/2" Shackle

The Mul-t-lock C-Series padlock is a professional grade extra high-security padlock, designed for use with Mul-t-lock high-security hasps or any other suitable hasps. The C-Series padlock features a hardened steel shackle and a double locking mechanism, providing maximum security and protection against tampering.

Mul-t-lock #13 C-Series padlock - 1/2" Shackle



This Mul-t-lock C series padlock is a hardened steel body lock with a brass core and shackle. It is resistant to drilling, hammering, sawing, and freezing. The protective shutter prevents dust contamination in the cylinder mechanism while the drainage holes prevent freezing. With a unique high precision telescopic pin tumbler system, this padlock provides pick and drill resistance for high-security needs. This product meets CEN & ISI standards.

The lock features a unique, precision telescopic pin tumbler mechanism which makes it pick and drill resistant for high-security needs. This padlock is suitable for use in demanding applications such as prisons, hospitals, and schools.


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