Mul-t-lock Code-It electronic lever

Mul-T-Lock’s Code-It electronic security handle is an innovative solution which simply and efficiently reduces opportunities for theft in the workplace. An automatic locking mechanism, built into the handle, allows the door to open with a personal code.

Mul-t-lock Code-It electronic lever



The Mul-t-lock Code-It electronic lever is perfect for office or home use. It has a secret code that allows access to the room and 2 operating modes: automatic locking by just closing the door, with no need for a key, and manual locking with the push of a button. The simple 4 to 6 digit code makes it easy and comfortable to use for frequent entering and exiting, and the lock only operates from the outside, allowing the door to open freely from inside the room.

It is a quick and easy to install security solution that is suitable for use with most locking/latching products. The Code-It lever is easy to replace for most existing handle types and does not require an electrical outlet. The lever has up to 9 separate codes for different users and an indication light for activation, deactivation and battery life. The Code-It lever has a low cost of maintenance up to 100,000 entries with only one pair of batteries.


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