Mul-t-lock MT5+ #13 C-Series padlock - 1/2" Shackle

The MT5+ is a high security padlock offering an anti-theft shield, Mul-t-lock’s most advanced shock and impact protection. The lock features three active locking mechanisms which are the Lock Bar Mechanism, Telescoping Pin Technology, and the Alpha Spring, which engages a single pin at the rear of the mechanism creating another shear line.

Mul-t-lock MT5+ #13 C-Series padlock - 1/2" Shackle



The Mul-t-lock MT5+ #13 C-Series padlock is a heavy-duty padlock. It has a hardened steel body with anti-drill protection and a double locking system to provide maximum resistance against physical attack. The lock can be operated with the MT5+ key or any standard key (not supplied). The shackle diameter is 1/2″ (12mm) and the length is 2.25″ (57mm).
Double locking system with telescopic pin mechanism for enhanced manipulation resistance.

This padlock is a high-security lock made of hardened steel and brass. The lock has a protective shutter to prevent dust contamination, drainage holes to prevent freezing, and is pick and drill resistant. The cylinder mechanism is unique and high precision, making it difficult to pick or drill.

The Mul-t-lock MT5+ not only significantly upgrades security. It supports very large and complex master key systems, incorporating hierarchy and matrix requirements even with the same suite. The milled pattern can be used to create exclusive keyways in the marketplace. The padlock meets CEN & ISI standards.


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