Mul-t-lock MT5+ TR 100 "Hockey Puck" padlock

Mul-t-lock’s MT5+ TR 100 “Hockey Puck” padlock features a double-sided flat key and 3 active locking mechanisms: the locking bar mechanism, telescopic pin technology, and the Alpha Spring. The new generation product is based on a new configuration of Mul-t-lock’s well-honed telescopic pin technology, and the tip of the key has a revolutionary mobile interacting spring – the Alpha Spring – that engages a unique pin at the rear of the mechanism, creating another shear line.

Mul-t-lock MT5+ TR 100 "Hockey Puck" padlock



The Mul-t-lock MT5+ TR 100 “Hockey Puck” padlock is a professional quality product that provides increased key security and tampers resistance. The key head is ergonomically designed with a special silky texture, and the combination of the telescopic pin mechanism and the milled pattern on the key provides maximum key security. To maximize ease of use, the wrench also features a sleek, ergonomic head.

This system is the next generation of high-security padlocks. The MT5+ not only significantly improves security but also supports very large and complex master key systems, incorporating hierarchy and matrix requirements even with the same suite. The milled pattern can be used to create unique keyways on the market.

It is a unique, high-precision telescoping drum system with a hardened boron steel shackle for superior resistance against cutting and prying attacks. There are a variety of cylinder configurations.


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