How Much is a Garage Door? 3 Important Factors Explained.

how much is a garage door

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A garage door is essential to your home’s security and protection. But when it comes to installing a new one, how much is a garage door? The truth is the price of a garage door replacement can vary greatly depending on several factors. We’ll break down what affects the cost and why professional installation is worth its weight in gold. 

What Affects Garage Door Cost? 

  • The biggest factor that affects the total cost of replacing a garage door is size. A single-car garage door typically measures 9×7 feet and costs between $590 to $1,650 for professional installation. On the other hand, double-car entries can range from 12×7 feet to 16×7 feet and cost anywhere from $800 to $2,500 for professional installation. The national average cost for this kind of service is $1120.
  • Another factor that affects the total amount you’ll spend on replacing your garage door is quality and type of material. You have three main options when selecting a material—wood, steel, or aluminum—each with different benefits and costs associated with them. Wood doors tend to be more expensive than steel or aluminum options; however, they also provide greater insulation and are often considered more aesthetically pleasing than their counterparts. Steel doors are usually less expensive but require more maintenance due to rusting or dents in the metal over time. Aluminum doors are typically lightweight and dent-resistant but less durable than wood or steel. 
  • Finally, it would be best if you considered whether you’d need new hardware or tracks installed along with your new garage door. Reusing old parts like tracks can save you some money since they don’t need to be replaced; however, investing in reliable hardware may help extend the life of your new garage door system for years to come! 

how much is a garage door

How much is a garage door?


Ultimately, replacing a garage door requires making several decisions about size, material type, quality of parts, and labor costs—all of which can affect the overall price tag you end up paying for the job! 

The best way to ensure you get an accurate estimate for any project involving your home’s security is to contact trusted professionals who specialize in this type of work. Like us here at West Valley! We provide customers with extensive garage door repair services. That way, you know you’re getting expert advice and quality materials and labor that will last long into the future!

We’re experts at what we do, so if you’re considering replacing your garage door soon, otherwise, we hope to have informed you about how much is a garage door — make sure to contact us and ask for a free consultation! It’s worth it in terms of safety and money saved over time!

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