Unlocking the Mystery of When Were Doors Invented!

when were doors invented

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Have you ever paused to consider the significance of a door? Without them, how would we keep out unwanted visitors or protect our privacy? Who and when were doors invented? And why does this vital tool holds so much power over access and security in modern society? Let’s uncover the mystery behind these ubiquitous objects. It’s time to explore the history of this essential invention!

Doors Through History

The first known history of doors can be found in Egyptian tomb paintings from 4000 years ago. Unfortunately, we don’t know who invented them or when exactly they were invented—all we know is that it was somewhere in Central Egypt. It would take another thousand years before wooden doors became much more common in Europe. 

These days, many regions use different styles and materials for their doors. The most popular material for modern-day doors is wood, followed by steel and aluminum. Glass-paneled doors are also becoming increasingly popular due to their aesthetic benefits. 

Doors have been used throughout history for various purposes—from providing security to identifying social status to keeping out unwanted guests. In the Middle Ages, people often adorned castle gates with intricate designs meant to impress visitors and ward off attackers. These gates were usually made from iron and often featured spikes on top to deter those trying to scale them from the outside!  

In 1778, the American inventor Robert Fulton patented the first steamboat with a sliding door at its side —the first recorded instance of a movable door for a boat! And since then, there have been many advances in door technology, such as automatic sliding glass doors that are activated by sensors that detect movement and smart locks that use Bluetooth technology to open with only your smartphone!  

when were doors invented
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So, when were doors invented?


Although we don’t know who invented them or when were doors invented exactly, but we do know they play an important role in our lives today and will continue to do so for generations to come! So next time you look at your door, remember the long journey it has taken to get here! These entry devices have come a long way since their invention 4000 years ago in Central Egypt. From castle gates adorned with intricate designs to automatic sliding glass doors activated by a sensor, give us a call and let us tell you about all the types of doors we manage so you can get one specially fitted for your needs!

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